Why this page*

Why this page?

I have become concerned with Reistads behaviour, she has become more and more aggressive after I discovered that they had forged letters, she will not answer her phone I have tried for more than six weeks to talk to her about the letter, she has broken agreements on 2 occasions. In the letter they forged say things without even saying where the information came from. She has now threatened that if I do not remove this site she will be visiting with the police unannounced and that this is a result of my communication methods (meaning this website), but I cannot communicate with her if she does not answer the or hold appointments. In other words, she is scaring my children with police visits if I do not remove this site; this is a vindictive and vicious and a misuse of police and baneverns resources. She is also saying that I am forcing her to scare our kids and there with it not her fault.

This page is an attempt to stop BVT in Lillehammer’s attack on my family by showing the world what they are doing I hope to limit the amount of damage they do to our kids.

I also hope that other families wil be treated with more respect in the future, and that BVT has more professional and experiencd employees. Reistad does not seem to able to make the judgment of the need to find out if anything illegal has taken place, against the damage she does to inocent families.

Also; if you the readers have any concerns or examples that BVT are lying, changing facts, manipulating facts or doing more harm than good or maybe just using their power without just cause please leave a comment or contact me, comments can be left on the page called have-your-say-here.

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