what should i do if Lillehammer BVT attack?*

What should I do if BVT attacks my family? The first thing you should do is go to google-play or android-app-store and down load a voice recorder and a conversation recorder for your phone you should record all conversations and meeting we did and we will be posting all their lies soon.
Why do you need to be afraid? The people working in BVT are people like you and me sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they see what they want to see and sometimes they lie, remember you have no legal rights when you interact with BVT and your case is only as good and as honest as your saksbehandle is, if you have a copy of the conversations you can control the quality of your case and stop your saksbehandle from being creative with your case.

DO NOT: be pasive they will view this as a sign of weekness ask questions fight back norway is supposed to be a free country. Taking help will be seen as a sign of weekness to and you will never get rid of them.

Get legal advice bvt wil twist and manipulate everything you do be careful….

They will try and stop you from using your time to defend yourself they will say things like why are you using your time on for example this website when you you could be looking after your kids which is basically just saing if you defend your selv then you are not looking after your kids a clear manipulation to make you stop defendig your family and ther attack easyer.
Remember recording without consent cannot be used in court, but because you cannot report BVT this is not important anyway, what you can do is give your recordings to me and I will post them here.

You should demind a copy of the case in question and go through it, that is where I found out that the bekymrings mld was fabricated by Lillehammer BVT and not an anonymous complaint which is what was read out to us and we have a recording of it our from our first meeting.

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