What Reistad has done to our kids*

02.02.18 Reistad/kvaleim are still working for the BVT fylkesmannen thinks they are the kind of people they want working for them.

My girl aged 6 was crushed after this experience and slept the whole evening, after this perverted attack she is now scared to sleep on her own and and tried to get away from Magni Reistad by going to her room when Magni Reiststad came on a forced visit 19.06.15 she is one of the people who subjected my girl to this abuse, she had never seen her before. Maria is also now scared to go to barnehagen she thinks someone is going to take her away and subject her to another strip examination.My beautiful girl now also now cries and is really scared if she losses site of her brother in a crowd, she has lost all trust in adults she does not know this from a confident young girl who talked to everybody.
Reistad also came with a forced visit 22.07.15 with the police to scare my children, Reistad is a thug and a hooligan scaring my kids with police visits to get me to remove this site what does she mean to gain she is only showing her true colours.

My son is scared to death of Reistad he thought he was being kidnaped Reistad and Nygård drove him away striped him and took photos, he cried and held on to me all the way home that day.
Reistad tried to put words in his mouth that suggesting I am angry after a visit, he was clearly very stressed by Reistad she stopped when her college seen the picture who did not present herself noticed I was recording her and they started discussing recordings and getting angry in front of my kids they then left clearly angry and irritated and shouted sarcastic remarks when I took pictures “ shall we smile for the camera” “ are you putting that on the web too” you just wait we will put you in your place we haven’t started yet” very scary and intimidating and on tape too

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