Threatening Letters*


Threatening letters

Dear Reistad you said when you come on home visits you always have the police with you this was a Lie also it is the exeption not the rule the only reason the police were with you was to scare my kids, we talked to a lawyer today.

It is worth mentioning that your complaint is henlagt the police jurist cannot see that i have said or done anything illegal, they said that you were trying to use copyright on the logo I made he said the case had allready been dropped and I had free speach in Norway.

About me leaving help notes to other families to read who you attack in your waiting room I accept it is cheeky and i must remove my logo, I also accept that i should ask permission but it not criminal and I cannot be charged with anything so go cry me a river.

1 Barnevakt: This is again is not true you did not say you had set aside 2 rooms you said there are rooms if we wished, and we DID NOT WISH. (see texts)
Of course, we did not wish our children are scared of you they where scared that you will take them away and they are scared of your building

2 website: I see also very seriously on what you are doing you do not answer your phone you do not answer our questions and you lie and fake letters, I will defend my family from your horrid attack.
I tried to report you to the police but the police said you are above the law, it is so ironic that you can go to the police in an attempt to hide your lies. You clearly said that you have to bekymrings mld which are anonymous but you wrote one of them yourself. We have also talked to a detective today he said as my site stands today there is nothing illegal and no further action will be taken by the police. So you are also lying when you say the police do not accept this site and it will be deleated they said remove the logo and the site stays and it will be here for years.

3 Lydopptak: I have you on telephone recording where you say “I can record your voice and anyway you have nothing to hide” is what you said, I also have Bakkestuen saying we can record his conversations. The constable told me that I can record all conversations I take part in and this is not illegal it is your choice if you choose to lie and I will be recording all conversations in the future if you dont like stop lying it is as simple as that.

If you stopped, lying and manipulating evidence I would not need to record our conversations.
You are only scared that our conversations will reveal your lies for the whole of Norway to see.
I think you should record all your conversations the police do but you choose to take notes, giving you all the power, recording of conversations will secure quality the you do not wish this so you have control.

4 Log: Well if you think it is legal to hold the log from us there is nothing I can do but it stinks of deception.

5 Bekymringsmeldinger: This letter you said was anonymous we have it on tape, you do not refer to where the
information comes from and it is not mentioned in the file anywhere else, and if you think a 6 year old girl trying to kiss another child or an 8 year old boy who mentions tits and boobs is strong sexual behaviour you need to go back to school, and the fact that you kidnapped and molested our children on this basis is disgusting.

6 The last contakt with barnevern there was a video camera on me in the living room the whole time when me and my son where playing chess here you need to be very careful what you say. You scaring our little girl and following her to her room when she tried to get away from you, is also on tape.

Anybody reading our correspondents can see you are threatening our children if I do not take away the website this is disgusting despicable behaviour and it makes me so sick, that your thinly disguised threats to take away my kids if I do not yield to your power. This is horrid and is misuse of your powers, you should be really ashamed of yourself, I have heard other parents say you do this but I did not think you would put it in writting.

You scare me to death that’s why I made this site and now I must live in fear that you will come and take my kids night or day and you can use the police to do this fills me with dread and terror, are you clear over that this breaks the human right charter on family life?


How dare you paint me as the monster I have done nothing wrong you have kidnapped my children made them scared of you, Lied about letters and you are using the police to try and hide your lies how dare you, you are the one forcing me to use unorthodox tactics when you refuse to answer your phone you still have not said where the information came from why it is not in the file or why you lied about it being anonymous.

To sum up as I understand it Kvaalheim and Reistad have decieded in their wisdom that if I choose to make this website then this is neglegt therefore I must remove website or there will be consequences for my children, absolutely ridiculous are they going to say that everybody with a blog/website neglect their children these people lack commen sense anybody can see its just threatening my children if I don’t remove this site.
I’m british I come from a free country I am shocked and stunned that the state has these powers, my kids are the most important things in my life threaten them and abuse them and I will protect them state or individual.

If you force me out the country I will continue this site you people need to be stopped.

As expected Magni and co came with the police to scare me and my children, they started talking about barnevern business in front of the kids I had to ask them several times to stop they drew connections between this site and our kids wellbeing the intimidation starts that’s a warning stop or we will do more.

They started probing my son and asking leading questions, does daddy get angry when they came, what does he thimk of this website, when they discovered that I was recording they stopped trying to lead him and instead said it was illegal to record conversations, to which I answered we have just spoken to a detective and he says you are not telling the truth, all conversations I take part I can record, that stopped them trying to upset my son and they up and left as quickly as they came, they did not talk to my girl, and they did not take notes. Just a few horrible coments that they will get me.
My son and daughter are scared to death of Magni and she knows this, she is the one who kidnapped and assaulted them, they react scared around her and she tries to blame me for this.
I waited for my children to go inside and took pictures of the police together with Magni and co.


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  1. Gry Christin Sjue says:

    Avtale lydopptak??? Det er tillatt med lydopptak så lenge du selv deltar i samtalen, det er ikke krav til at du som privatperson må opplyse om at du tar opptak. Politiet og barnevernet bør lese straffelovens paragraf 145a + kommentarutgave. De som offentlig instans må opplyse om at de tar opptak!

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