The European court for human rights*

The ECHR Has many articles guarantees certain freedoms under article 5 for example it grants the right to go to court if you think a detention by representatives of the state was unnecessary as for example with my kids were.

It also grants you the right to a peacful home life where the state cannot harras you.

In Norway as I discovered 16.07.15 if BVT takes your children without just cause, lies or fabricates evidence, the Norwegian police have no legal mandate to investigate or inforce any criminal proceedings in other words the BVT in Norway is above the law making them very powerful and very very scary.
As far as I understand it this violates more than one of the articles of ECHR.
Fact one: I showed my evidence to a detective in Lillehammer he said although he agreed there was evidence he had no legal mandate to intervene.
Fact 2: BVT in Lillehammer has used the police to try to shut this site down and keep me quiet, how can cheaters and liars legally use the law to stop me telling the truth about them this is bizarre.

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