Magni Reistad letter

Bellow is the letter I sent to Reistad appraisel and aproval



Hello again Reistad                                                                                                         07.02.18



Hope you are well since our last meeting I do apolgise for taking so long to get in touch.

As you are now aware, I am devoting a new page to Kvalmheim and I did not want you feeling left out so you will be glad to hear I am making a page for you too in the same manner.

You will be given the same opportunity to dispute the facts, which will be based on the recorded meetings, and the home visits all done representing Lillehammer kommune.

I have many recordings which I have not released yet I found on my old phone I hid them out of fear the police would try and destroy the evidence I will start to post the audio files and this letter after you have had the standard 2 week to disagree with your own words.

Let me take this opportunity to say I do appreciate your time.

As kvalmheim says everything I do is threatening behaviour please state if there is anything you find threatening about this letter as it is factually based on your own word and answers. I have already got your permission to post our voice recordings not that that would stop me anyway, I have a voice recording of you saying you don’t mind me recording you and you have nothing to hide, even if you and Linderud did write a letter later saying this was illegal but we will get to that (Its probably your memory again).

It is interesting that no representative of Lillehammer kommune or the police has tried to get in touch with me since September 2015 but I am the one who you claim has bad communication and forced out of Norway for refusing to bow down to the BVT attempts to intimidate me to remove my website.


Statement and question for your consideration and reflection.


1 You have always maintained that you had a mandate to take our children away take photos of them naked without our knowledge or consent or a person of trust with our children, you even had with you under your first home visit a piece of paper with highlighted writing which you claim gave you the right to do so.

  1. Given that fact Fylkesmann says you did not have a mandate, does this mean you were lying when you said you could kidnap our children?
  2. Alternatively, was because Kvalheim sent you to do her evil work and you do not understand the rules?

2 Reistad you wrote and signed a letter together with Heidi Linderud dated 17.07.15 which can be read under threatening letters, here you write I cannot record conversations (even though I have you recorded the week before saying I can and you have nothing to hide) and that Lillehammer police will be closing my website. At our meeting 09.09.15, we ask you which police officer it was and you say that cannot remember (early Alzheimer’s)?

A I too spoke to the police and they said you were lying and the police would never be closing website which is backed by the fact that I am writing this letter which is posted on three years later, do you now admit you and Heidi Linderud were lying when you wrote to me and said I could not record conversations and stated that this website would be closed by the police?

2 You came to my house 22.07.15 together with Live Nylund and 2 armed police this entire conversation is recorded. At the door, you explained that you always have armed police when you go on secret visits. You continued that you were there to check my children were well, you talked to my son about what he thought about my website (he had no idea what you were talking about as I thought it inappropriate to discuss this with an 8 year old) Nylund saw I was recording said it was illegal and you both stormed of while I took pictures the whole visit was about 2 minutes. You never spoke to my daughter and never asked my children any other questions (besides does daddy get angry to my son).

Five days later you actually answer your phone (this conversation was also recorded) and posted on this site but will be reposted HERE as a link to make it easy for the readers to follow, I ask you why you came with armed police only to talk to an 8 year old boy you said you did not want to discuss it on the phone but you would explain why you only ask my son about the website and never asked about their wellbeing at the meeting I had asked for. At the meeting you said that you had forgotten what you discussed but you did admit talking to my son about the website, you explained that you didn’t talk to my daughter because she was avoiding you (as she always was scared of you even though you claim she enjoys been stripped naked and photographed so much she sings for you).You claimed you left my house after 2 mins because you were upsetting my children, I agree you were upsetting my children but you left because you discovered I was recording Nylund was furious and shouting that it was illegal to record this did upset our children, Nylund shouted as I took photos should I smile to which I replied yes please, HEAR THIS CONVERSATION HERE.


  1. Do you really expect me to believe you came to my house with armed police only to discuss my website with an 8-year-old boy? You were clearly threatening my son and family so that I would remove my website such thinly disguised intimidation of my children is disgusting.
  2. Reistad you promised on the phone to explain why you came to my house only to chat with an 8 year old boy about my website, then when you were supposed to explain to me you had sudden acute memory loss and could not remember this, you also had memory loss when you could not remember which policeman told you he was going to close my website and I could not record my own conversations. I know you are lying but let’s assume it’s true that you have acute memory loss twice a week and you don’t know the rules regarding force examination of children THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WORKING WITH VUNERABLE CHILDREN AND FAMILEIS IF YO CANT REMEMBER WHAT IS SAID TO YOU AND WHAT YOU SAY TO OTHERS,YOU DONT KNOW THE RULES ON CHILD EXAMINATION OR RECORDING OF ONES OWN CONVERSATIONS AND ACCORDING TO KVALMHEIM YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF BREAKDOWN WHEN CHALENGED AND CANT WORK?

3 Under the meeting I ASKED FOR, Kvalmheim maintained that the BVT could not get out to our house as part of the investigation because of me but this a lie, you were there 3 times, twice you were there together with Nygård I have both video and audio images of you, Nygård followed my daughter to her room when she tried to get away on one occasion had with you a document which you claimed gave you the right to do what you want with our children without our knowledge or consent, you were also at our home with Nylund although you left immediately when you saw I was recording.

  1. Did you really forget all the pre-arranged visits to our house with both Nygård and Nylund?
  2. Alternatively, did you tell Kvalheim and she is lying?



I do not believe for a second that you came to my house to discuss my website with an 8 year old boy, as you had sent a threatening letter a week before saying you would escalate the situation if I did not remove the website (worried about my communication) it was clear you were there with armed police and asked my son about the website to make it clear that I must remove my website or secret visit by armed police would reoccur, this is also bared out by kvalheim saying it is because of my website that armed police were involved all the time, therefore remove the site and she would stop the armed police, kvalmheim explained that when she used the words “my communication” they meant my website also recorded. It is clear to anyone listening to my audio recording HERE that all Kvalmheims efforts were about forcing me to removing my website.

I do not believe you have acute memory loss it more likely that you are a liar, either way I do not believe you are competent to work with children or are a good representative of Lillehammer Kommune.


It’s worth noting  that although Nylund had come to my house I did not know who she was or that she had posted such information about herself and her child at this time, and as it said in threatening letters Lillehammer BVT had reported me to the police before I met Nylund she was just there latest way of attacking me, this letter also says you Reistad were instructed to by the BVT to report me so this was not done on your own behalf or intuitive but was part of a pre-planned strategy by Lillehammer BVT.

My site was created after Lillehammer BVT attacked my children stripped them naked and took photos it now transpires that you Reistad did not have a mandate to do this so my site was created after Lillehammer BVT did something grotesque and illegal, and after Lillehammer Fylkesmann refused to look at my case, and only as a result of my website did they start looking into the children which were abused by kvalmheim.


Hope to hear from you soon have a really good Easter.

Best wishes and good luck for the future Glenn Flintoff



15 recordings will be posted here soon

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