LILLEHAMMER POLITI STILL NO ANSWER 20.12.17 Erick Braathen/Olav Sørby



21.12.17 Wrote 5 more letters to Lillehammer police this week still no respons, asking what my crime was and why thy are refusing me access to my files.

Why doesn’t Lillehammer police just tell me what they have a problem with about this site so I can fix it instead of just attacking me i still don’t know why they  are attacking  me, whats wrong with communicating they are behaving like the BVT.  


This Page was set up in response to Lillehammer politis lying manipulation and misuse of power threatening behaviour  see letters bellow and to Erik Braathen/ and Olav Sørby handling of my complaint against them  made August 2016 initially September last year, and still no answer given as per today.

I am still a refugee in the UK 2 years later.

My mother will probably end her days alone in Norway

My children don’t see their father, all this for documenting the attack on me by the BVT


Below is a letter proving Lillehammer BVT and Lillehammer Politi work together lie and intimidate to take away free speech and any criticism of their respective organisations.

It is worth noting that ERIK BRÅTHEN has quit his job with Lillehammer Politi I cannot say I blame him, maybe he has some self-respect although I am only speculating.

All my correspondence with Mr Braathen will follow here shortly.


or see link:  unanswerd letter to lillehammer cheif of police






Lillehammer Politi

Postboks 956

2604 Lillehammer


My Dear Mr Braaten,

Reply to your letter dated 18.01.17


Complaint regarding Lillehammer police misuse of power, police terror tactics, police cover-up, police lies and police corruption from 18.09.15 and onwards.


I do apologise that you cannot understand what I am complaining about I will do my best to clarify the situation for you, please see block capitals bellow.




Mr Braaten are you suggesting that Lillehammer Kommune are responsible for the way Lillehammer police conduct their investigations. I am fully aware that it is Lillehammer kommune that is behind the attack on me and my family as are you, this was stated at several meetings with BVT (recorded) that Lillehammer kommune are very angry with and me calling my site and it is very unpopular amongst fylkeresman. Lillehammer kommune has attacked me constantly the last was done when the lawyer Knut Glad rang me 21.10.15 saying he represented Lillehammer kommune and that if I do not remove my website he would make sure he would bankrupt me with court costs and I would not be able to come back to Norway because of debt this conversation is also posted on THIS IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOR AM I MAINTAINING THIS.

Just because Lillehammer kommune does not like my website, it does not give them the right to use the police as their personal hitmen to terrorise me into removing my website, in theory Norway has free speech, LILLEHAMMER POLICE CHOOSING TO ATTACK ME AND FAMILY IN SUCH A SAVAGE WAY  IS THE POLICES RESPONSIBILITY.



       Subsection a:

 1a Mr Braaten are you telling me I should complain to the people who are attacking me about their behaviour. I find this ridiculous and shows very little tact or insight on your part.

2b If Nylunds case was supposed to be private, why is Lillehammer kommune using taxpayer’s money to attack me on Nylunds behalf with a threat of a civil case see Knut Glad is this case Nylund or the kommune/BVT or a private case raised by Nylund or a public case by the Kommune, it seems to me it’s what ever gets the Lillehammer police to attack the me most?


       A.what was my crime?

 I do not understand why Lillehammer police attacked me as I understand it the cover story you are using for my arrest is Skremmende/Plagsom/Hensynsløs adferd, towards Nylund but it is so unclear what you actually mean, please give a list of the evidence and facts, which lead to Skremmende/Plagsom/Hensynsløs Adferd charge I THINK I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHY THE POLICE BROKE UP MY FAMILY AND FORCED ME OUT OF NORWAY.

A1 Can you please give an example of Skremmende behaviour by me towards anyone please state the evidence, times, dates and how the threats were made?

A2 Can you please give an example of Plagsom behaviour by me towards anybody please state the evidence times, dates and how this was carried out?

A3 Can you please give an example of Hensynsløs behaviour by me towards anybody, please state the evidence, times dates and how my reckless behaviour was carried out?

A4 Can you please state why the arrest/search warrants were issued, what the reason for them are, and what the police were looking for?

A5 the BVT Lillehammer said on 17.07.15 that the police would make me remove my website see is this not proof that the whole attack by the police was to make me remove my website? Or how else do you explain the letter quoting Lillehammer polices intent to remove my website before I met Nylund 22.07.15?

A6 In short can you please state what I have done to cause such a violent and prolonged attack by Lillehammer police?


     List of events in chronologic order.

1 The BVT complain to police to try and get me to remove website, reason given interfering with their investigation police refuse saying I have free speech.

2 The BVT appealed the decision but the police uphold the decision.

3 The BVT complain with a new tactic saying my site must be closed because it is an attack on Reistad, the police reiterate I have free speech.

4 The BVT appeal the police uphold their decision.

 5 I post a letter from the BVT/Lillehammer kommune  where they claim the police say they will be removing my website.

6 22-07.15 Lillehammer police ring me telling me that the BVTs claims that “recording my conversations is illegal” was a lie and that Lillehammer police had no right to close my site and free speech was very strong in Norway, he said I had forgotten to remove my child’s name from one place on my site and that I should change my logo as these two things would be used by the BVT/Lillehammer kommune to try and legally close my website he said they would appeal but as far as the police were concerned my site was ok this conversation is also recorded, minutes later Nylund comes to house see below.

7 The BVT turn up with 2 armed police ask, my son about BVT see I am recording and panic and leave without asking anymore questions 22.07.15. This is the first time I have seen Nylund and did not know who she is.

8 22-07.15 I post pictures of the BVT using the police to scare my son.

9 A reader of my site sends links and names Nylund from a photo, the links show Nylund on TV and in diverse newspapers saying she can’t cope with her own child, and she needs help, her kid eats raw meat ect. I find it very relevant that the people who they send to scare my son and thereby me into removing my website because they claim it is bad for kids, send a person to my house who has done much worse, who puts photos of her own child and full name on the internet such hypocrisy.

10 I post links about Nylund so Norway can see what type of people BVT send to scare me.

11 Nylund is advised to say to the police that she is personally scared of me and make it a private case not going through the BVT/Kommune.

 12 18.09.15 I was arrested and  driven away by armed police they said I was arrested because of my website, the police women who interrogated me said I must remove my website, but stopped me recording this conversation. They had a search warrant that ran out on that day, I was then released, and I wrote immediately on that I had been arrested by the police in Lillehammer to force me to remove, this action lead to a new search warrant and a new series of arrest attempts. This new attack had nothing to do with Nylund and was 100% aimed at forcing me to remove and stop me commenting on how the police were attacking me.

13 21.09.15 A male and female police officer came to arrest me with new search warrant.

14 22.09.15 A male and female police officer came to arrest me with new search warrant.

15 23.09.15 A male and female police officer came to arrest me with new search warrant; they searched the house and interrogated my then girlfriend.

16 24.09.15 My then girlfriend says the police are watching house.

17 24.09.15 The whole family and I flee in terror from the Norwegian police.

18 25.09.15-15.10.15 as I was now in hiding, how many times did the police come and try to arrest between these dates?


19 Knut Glad employed by Lillehammer kommune 21.10.15 he gives me a choice over telephone remove website or he will bankrupt me with court costs and will not be able to return to Norway, also on tape.

A6 Is this not proof that the attack by Lillehammer police was about forcing me to remove my website and therefore an attack on free speech and me personally as the police had been involved for months by BVT/Lillehammer kommune before I met Nylund?

A7 The BVT/Lillehammer kommune claimed the police would remove my website long before I met Nylund see letter 17.07.15 how then can Lillehammer police state the attack on me was because of Nylund  this is clearly a lie?

   B Police lies and manipulation of the facts.

Please don’t try and cloud the issue, when the police came with Reistad and Nylund 22.07.15 I know they where asked to come by BVT and they have a duty to respond, the reason I have stated this evidence in previous mails is this, it was the first time I met Nylund , two police officers were present BVT wanted to talk to my  boy of 8 about my website and required 2 armed policemen to escort them, it is clearly documented on, this was obviously to scare my son and therefor force me to remove my website to protect him from BVT menaces, this ridiculous behaviour is probably why Reistad/Nylund are not working with children today. The Police officer who interviewed me maintained I had created to attack Nylund and this was central to my arrest she pointed out there was a photo on my website of Nylund and her child, but I had obtained this photo because Nylund had chosen to plaster her kid over the internet and TV, further more I had cut the picture to show less of her child in total opposite to Nylund who only wanted publicity for her child at that time, how could a website exist about her before I knew she existed 22-07.15 why would I call it, she is not on my case and never was, I do not have a time machine, and BVT had complained many times to the police to try and force me to remove this site before Nylund was mentioned on it.

Under my interview the police women claimed the reason I was arrested was 1 Nylund was scared of me but clearly admitted that I had never engaged her in conversation or threatened her in any way, and 2 I had made to attack Nylund.

B1 Do you agree that the police are clearly lying maintaining that I had made my website to attack Nylund  when the first time I met her was the result of the BVT and  Lillehammer kommune trying to close my website or what is your explanation?

B2 Is it normal to have search warrants and so many visit to my home by armed police only because someone says they are scared of them, no threats are made and the person came to my house to scare me?



Arrest/search warrant 1:

I maintain that Lillehammer police did with malice and forethought try to intimidate me into removing for the sole reason of stopping me saying what BVT Lillehammer where doing and therefor used terror to obstruct free speech.

Arrest/search warrant 2:

 Was to stop me commenting on my website how Lillehammer police where attacking me and to intimidate me into removing Remember at this point I had recordings of the police saying that my website was legal and I had free speech, why are the police contradicting themselves?




   C I would like access to all my files including arrest warrants and here by formally request all information and recordings related to my case and any statements made by Nylund, Reistad or anybody else involved.

Mr Braaten you have stated I cannot have access to my warrants under earlier correspondents, unless I come to Lillehammer police station in person. You have heard my example of what if I was a prisoner in Norway and the evidence needed to set me free was held by Lillehammer police, by your logic I would have to serve my sentence before I would be allowed access to the evidence which could set me free, this is basically exactly my situation, and totally ridiculous

Mr Braaten you maintain that:

C1 I cannot nominate anybody to collect this information lawyer or expartner?

C2 You cannot send the information to the British police?

C3 You cannot use secure mail with Norwegian bank codes?

C4 There is no way shape or form that you can send me this information and you understand I am not in Norway to collect it myself as a direct result of Lillehammer polices actions?

C5 In your reply you sate you have tried to gain access to the information I requested, does this mean certain parties are holding back information?


Reason I request full log of evidence are:

 The reasons I request all documentation is I suspect corruption and miss use of power by Lillehammer police/lillehammerkommune to manipulate me and take to away my free speech under false pretences of skremmende/plagsom/hensynløs atferd, cumulating in the destruction of my life in Norway, I consider you lack of good will in supplying this information speaks volumes.

Furthermore I need names of the people behind the search/arrest warrants as the police complaint commission insist that I give the names of the people I am accusing and the times, your refusal to give me this information which I have asked for many times is stated in my letter to the police complaints commission. I also need any statements especially Nylunds as I suspect false evidence was given by this woman, as I have no idea who she is except what she has published herself about her child and she seems to be central in the polices most aggressive attack.


       D Mr Braaten you say that the conditions were in place to use straffeloven 1902/390a  and tvangs loven I find this very vague and misleading and I really don’t know what you mean by this.


D1 Can you please state what these conditions are for the use of 1902/390A, when they took place times dates and persons involved, please use some detail here, as I am very confused.

D2 As nothing has changed aren’t the conditions still in place to continue to arrest me on 1902/390a and attack my family if I visit my children?

D3 As I understand it you consider personally that the police did nothing wrong and I was forced out of Norway for no reason?


       E Although nothing to do with Lillehammer polices investigation methods its worth mentioning Lillehammer BVT:

My case started when BVT attacked my children BVT then admitted they were wrong and had to pay for our lawyer.

In April 2015 I reported the BVT for forging letters, an officer from Lillehammer police said BVT are outside the law, they have powers the police can only dream of and I should forget it, I have this recorded too, is this true?

BVT had armed police at every meeting the reason given they did not like my voice also on tape.

Reistad/Nylund was recorded only asking my son about daddy’s website nothing else under her visit with the police 22.07.15, then on the phone she said she would explain why she did this at a later meeting also recorded, at the meeting she said she had forgotten everything and refused to explain her actions also on tape.

It is also worth mentioning both Reistad and Nylund have been taken off all BVT cases. However, I am the one forced out of Norway, lost my house, my home, children and job; in short, Lillehammer police have destroyed my life.

BVT staff have published private information from my medical records on the net, which I have reported but nobody bothered to get in touch. I would appreciate a comment on this by you?


I will expect an answer from A1 to D3


The BVT and Lillehammer kommune have tried to get me to remove this website for weeks before I met Nylund with the help of Lillehammer police, it can be seen in the way the events unfold in this letter, how can anybody in their right mind maintain that was created  to attack Nylund the clue is in the name “” I was clearly exposing what the BVT were doing and how they threaten people Nylund was part of this and I feel fully justified in exposing the type of people who work for the BVT Lillehammer.

As for Nylund I have never seen her or corresponded with her in any way before or since 22.07.15, she chose to come to my house sent by BVT Lillehammer where she spoke twice to me also on tape I have never engaged this women in conversation.

Once to say I could not record (which was a lie) and once she asked if she should smile when I took a photo, two police officers where present as witnesses and I even took pics.

Bearing in mind Nylund had put photos of her own child on the net saying her child ruled the house ate raw meet etc. and was there with Reistad and the two police men to force me to remove my website because it was bad for my kids I found this very relevant and incredibly hypocrafull the only reason I found out who Nylund was is because someone recognised her from my pics taken when she chose to try to intimidate me into removing my website. It is possible that some of the false information came from Nylund BVT/Lillehammer kommune but I will never know when you refuse to give me my records.

It is no surprise that people are scared out of their wits by BVT/Lillehammer kommune if they dare  ask questions or document what these people are doing or question the quality of their employees they risk straffeloven/tvangsloven 1902/390a and the full force of Lillehammer police what happened to free speech, nobody will dare question the state after the way the police attacked me and my family.

I was intimidated and attacked for months by BVT Lillehammer before the police where involved I am the victim here, this is a clear example of the state misusing its power to stop information they don’t like being made public.



1 Mr Braaten Lillehammer police.

2 Police complaints commission.



I have recordings, letters and pictures to support everything in this letter.


Please note copies of this letter and all our correspondence will be sent to:

The police complaints commission (according to their website it states I must complain to Lillehammer police first, I have now done this.)

The department for family

The British Embassy

Lillehammer fylkesmann

BVT Lillehammer


Best wishes Glenn Flintoff



IF there is anything factually wrong with the information contained in in this letter, or you disagree in any way I will be happy to change it, as this letter maybe used as an official document in the future.


This letter and all our correspondence will be posted on in 3 weeks. When you have had time to respond I will not give you 5 months to respond this time as I consider this time scale ridiculous.

And sent to

GD, Aftenblad, VG, NRK, TV2, Divers websites










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