Leters showing BVT are liars*

This letter was read out as fact by Lillehammer BVT at a meeting 17.06.15 they said it was sent by an anonymous parent from Robarnehagen Vidar Bakkestuen also said as fact that it could not come from Barnehagen or them  because they cannot be anonymous (we have of course a recording of this conversation too).
We have now found this out to be a lie it was written by Linda Nygård and the opening line is “Lillehammer barnevern melder bekymring”
How can they possibly confuse this with an anonymous parent?
We have a copy of our file and it mentions in no place where the lies come from in this letter, so even the facts are made up, reistad said she would be altering our file soon to which my reaction was altering our file so that it matches this letter is fraud and tampering with evidence, in the previous text messege she insists there is no more information.
It’s worth noting that nobody from Lillehammer BVT had met my kids up to this point, and my son is not mentioned in the whole file and only in this letter where he is said to have said breasts and bottoms  (he is a healthy 8 year old kid) this is not strong sexual behaviour how stupid is that comment from Nygård who is supposed to be trained in child behaviour and that was the reason they kidnapped him from school striped him and took pictures ridiculous.

If you tolerate this, your children will be next!Skann_20150719

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