HEAR BVT LIES ON TAPE NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had thought that I would not make this page live but after talking to Mr Glad who represents Lillehammer kommune I’ve changed my mind, he threatened to break me ecconomiccally if I do not yeild well I wont, and I am just more determind after your threates.

well I am waiting for u to take me to court or where you just lieing Mr Glad?

Hear Knut Glad trying to threaten to break me ecconomically if i dont remove this website.

Hear Reistad stating that BVT (child support services) dont need a warrent or paper work to remove a child. ( they now addmit their actoins were ilegal, of course there are no consequences for them.

Hear Reistad Explain that it wa Anette Kvalheim and Heidi Lindrud who choose to abduct children.

Hear Reistad try and worm her way out of why there where armed police to ask an 8 year old boy about a website.

Reistad confronted with why she never answers the phone i rang over 30 times.

Reistad in threatening letters wrote I can not record conversations or have this site lies lies lies

Reistad said she came on a visit to see how our children where doing she explained that armed police always come, i confront her about why she needs armed police to ask an 8 year old about daddies website she did not talk to my girl or ask how my children were doing she was only interested in scaring me to remove my website sickening behaviuor

Reistad on recording of conversation she says it is ok so why does she bitch about it constantly?

Reistad admitting that Nursery had never given her reason to kidnap my children.

One of many recording where Merethe leader of the nursery says she has never suspected anything.

Helga Tunheim says that Reistad says its me who won’t communicate, lies ive waited in the waiting room after she cancels and she wont answer the phone. Tunheim says that forging of letters and using of armed police to scare my children and there with me to removing to removing a website is no reason to investagate BVT Lillehammer.

Helga Tunheim says that she dosnt care about right or wrong only the law she says that BVT Lillehammer havn’t done anything wrong.


Hear Reistad scaring my son and asking him about dadies websit (coming soon)

Hear Vidar Bakkesten admitting that Heidi Linerud is a liar.

Hear Anette Kvalheim chaning her story about forged letters (cooming soon)

Hear Anette Kvalheim saying that my children loved so much to be kidnappes stripped naked and photos taken that thet sang songs afterwerds (coming soon)

Hear Anette Kvalheim saying that they had armed police because she does not like my tone of voice (coming soon)

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