Tunheim asked why she tried to helped BVT to close my site. 12.02.18


Hi Tunheim                                                                                                                                     07.02.18

FPS: In addition

 I have a full audio tape of you explaining you gave an extra three months to Lillehammer BVT the reason you State is that you gave this extra time was the police were investigating me, you also admit that you read Lillehammerkommune.com in that case you must have known the investigation was nothing to do with my children and was all about getting me to remove my website via the threat of armed police, further more I put it to you that you and your department with full knowledge and malice of forethought gave Lillehammer BVT an extra 3 months to investigate use armed police at every meeting send armed police to the house, try and have me arrested many times with armed police and take away my freedom in an attempt to assist Lillehammer BVT in removing my website which was very embarrassing for your department.

In addition, that Lillehammer Fylkesmann had full knowledge and was compliant with the hiring of Knut Glad in an attempt to force me to remove my perfectly legal website and use taxpayer’s money on such a horrific attack on me personally and free speech.

If the above statement is true then you have actively tried to help the BVT remove my website, give them more time to wear me down and force me to remove my website and were implicit in the hiring of Knut Glad to attack me in the UK.

I also suspect that in an attempt to cover your tracks that Lillehammer kommune/Fylkesmann involved the police and are behind the wall of silence now displayed by Lillehammer police and the refusal to send out my files as this would implicate your department.

Question one: why after you were aware via a letter and telephone conversation did you not only refuse to investigate but also actively gave the BVT extra time to attack me?

Question two: Why when you had given the BVT an extra 3 months to investigate, said they had done nothing wrong and I never again could complain did you suddenly change your mind and start investigating the BVT on exactly the evidence I had given you before?

Question three: as you were clearly helping the BVT to try to remove my website as quickly as possible do you think it is ethically correct that you are also the same people who investigated my complaint?

I will be posting my full audio conversation HERE and HERE

You have the standard two weeks to express any objections to the enclosed statement before this letter is printed.



Just a couple of things I do not understand so I hope you will bear with me about the way your office has handled my case.

In 2015, I wrote a letter to your office about the behaviour of Lillehammer BVT.

1 Your reply was that the BVT Lillehammer had done no wrong.

2 I could never again complain about the BVT for the rest of my life.

3 The report was secret.

3 You had more important things to be doing with your time.

4 I also rang you and verbally complained about their behaviour, and you told me you had read my website and the BVT had done nothing wrong “Listen to my audio attachment.”

5 This year you send me a letter saying you have investigated the BVT on two separate occasions and one of them was probably our case because of my website lillehammerkommune.com.

  1. If the BVT had done no wrong and you had read my website why did you suddenly change your mind you said the BVT had done nothing wrong, you clearly had no problem with them lying asking small children about website or using the police to remove websites they didn’t like and forcing me from Norway, kidnaping small children without telling parent or any safe person being with them?
  2. You tell me the report is secret now to protect my children but you can tell me your findings and what improvements could be made?
  3. You may have more important things to do with your time but I am still a refugee in the UK 3 years later and scared to visit my children after Lillehammer BVT forced me and my partner to break up does it not bother your department that you have broken up a family and destroyed four lives?
  4. If you agree that Lillehammer BVT did things wrong do you also accept reasonability for their actions driving me out of Norway and destroying a family in an attempt to stop a legal website?
  5. Because writing and phoning your department clearly has no effect do you agree that the best and only way to seek change in the BVT is to document their behaviour on social media?
  6. Have you more important things to be concerned about than me been forced out of Norway by armed police and my children losing their father because of the actions of Lillehammer BVT I still don’t know what I have done wrong and was never charged?
  7. Do you think it’s ok that nobody from your department or the BVT ever has bothered to get in touch with me to tell me what is going on or try and fix this situation?

This letter will be posted along with your answer if you don’t have more important things to be doing.


I wish you a fantastic Easter best wishes Glenn Flintoff


Marit Andrine Kraglund Tunheim

Firstly thank you for agreeing to my letter sent to you 31.29.17 is correct and can be published.

I first sent a written complained to Lillehammer Fylkesmann about the behaviour Lillehammer BVT, Fylkesmann answered saying Lillehammer BVT had done no wrong, and I never again in my life could complain about this.

I then make a website and publish what BVT are doing; Lillehammer BVT tries everything in their power to try to get me to remove it armed police visiting my children arresting me day after day…

The Fylkesmann then changes its mind and states as a direct result of my website they have investigated Lillehammer BVT twice.

Why did the Fylkesmann refuse to investigate when I sent a written complaint, but only chose to investigate after I took the drastic step to post my findings?

Does this mean nobody should bother complaining to Lillehammer Fylkesmann but just post there evidence on social media?

Neither Lillehammer kommune, Lillehammer BVT or Lillehammer barnevern have tried to contact me to fix what they have destroyed or try to apologise in any way.

Lillehammer police have just totally refused to answer my complaint in any way, the then police lawyer Braathen asked me to write a letter and then sent it to chief of police Sørby I have also written directly to Sørby and the new police lawyer many times but they never a reply.

Your department has stated before that I Have no offical right of complaint.

In your reply you state that BVT have been investigated twice because of my website, so it takes me being forced out of the country before you are willing to investigate, you state that the results are secret because you do not want to affect my children, but surly you can tell me the results without mentioning specific details this is done all the time in court, so I’ve worked out you have investigated my case which is good to hear but only because you state you dont want to mention my children I’m still assuming that you consider the BVT behaviour to be above reproach in my case.

Your department has also stated that you have more impotant things to use your time on, so destroying my life and buisness, losing my house and children losing their father is low on your priorities.

Why are Lillehammer police refusing to answer my letters and E-mails this is ignorant impolite and surly can’t be legal.

Bellow is my letter which you have agreed to be posted on this site.


Letter to fylkesmannen Lillehammer                                                                                         29.11.17

Complaint about the behaviour of the BVT Lillehammer and the behaviour of Lillehammer-kommune/fylkesmannen.
I Glenn Flintoff and my lawyer have complained to you about the dysfunctioning Barnevern in Lillehammer to which you have replied that in my case:
1 BVT have done nothing wrong, inappropriate or incompetent in my case.
2 BVT do not need investigating for any of the actions bellow.
3 I can never again in my life complain to you about their behaviour or that of Lillehammer Kommune/fylkesmann.
4 That you have more important things to use your time on.
5 That the results in my case have been marked secret and nobody can look at them.
Furthermore, the chief of police has one month to answer my complaint but he has never replied (see enclosed letter which Braathen asked for and sent to Sørby.
How can I complain to Lillehammer kommune, when it is Lillehammer-kommune/fylkesmannen who have taken over the job of the BVT and are attacking me with armed police, harassment and search warrants?
I have a recording from a Lawyer called Knut Glad who says it is Lillehammer kommune who is paying him to attack me in a civil case how then can I complain to the people attacking me about their actions this is absolutely ridicules, it’s like complaining to Hitler about the genocide of the Jews.
Representatives of BVT/Lillehammer kommune have been in my private medical records and are publishing this information.
1         Is this reasonable behaviour by the BVT Lillehammer? I have recordings of employees of the BVT lying this includes:
Live Nylund, Magni Reistad, Vidar Bakkestuen, Helga Tunheim, Anette Kvalheim, Heidi Linderud.
The reason I started the website lillehammerkommune.com is because BVT Lillehammer sexually assaulted my children by stripping them naked and taking pictures they have now sent a written apology saying they did not have a mandate to do so, but at the time all of the above said this was legal and normal, so this means I was correct in my judgement that the BVT where incompetent and I had every right to tell the world what they are doing to the children of Norway. In an attempt to force me to close my website Reistad and Nylund  came to my house with 2 armed police all they did was talk to my son for a few seconds about what he thought of daddies website, didn’t talk to my daughter at all, saw I was recording and left immediately, no questions referring to my children’s wellbeing were asked, in a telephone conversation also recorded Reistad said she would explain to me why she did this  at a later meeting, at the meeting also recorded Reistad said she could not remember my telephone conversation or visiting with police she is clearly lying or has severe dementia.
2         Am I correct in assuming that Lillehammer-kommune/fylkesmann thinks that the use of police as personal hitmen  in an attempt to scare me to remove my website,  lying , and now the BVT have admitted the crime of assaulting my children without good reason is perfectly ok, forcing me from Norway making me lose my house partner job and children?
3         Why do I have no secondary right of complaint why are you scared of investigating?
4         You say you have more important things to use your time on, is not destroying my life, making me lose my business my children lose their father, my partner lose her spouse and the terror Lillehammer kommune has caused my family not important?
5         Is it true that the results of my case have been marked secret? What is Lillehammer fylkesmannen trying to hide; more especially if BVT have done nothing wrong why would the results be secret that makes no sense?
 This is no democracy.
Why has the chief of police not answered my complaints, which is standard procedure it has been over a year now?
How can I complain to Lillehammer-kommune about their attack on me when they hire a lawyer to try to silence me this is clearly a conflict of interests, Lillehammer-kommune/fylkesmannen has hired knut Glad to attack me this is a ridicules situation to complain to the people who are attacking me.
The main body of my evidence is my letter to police lawyer Braathen which he asked for and then passed on to Sørby, Sørby has never answered.
It is also included as an attachment in this letter.
Yours sincerely Glenn Flintoff
 Refugee writing from the safety of the UK.
PS a copy will be sent to the British embassy in Norway as usual.


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