lies and unprofessional behaviour*

Reistad will not ring me back I have rang her about twice a day every day, and texted her to ring me too, as well as asking her work mates to ask her to ring me in my tlf log I have rang her 30 times, she refuses to ring back.
She will not answer my questions about their fabricated letter (bekymrings mld) written by Nygård.
Reistad said that it was a parent who wrote the letter where it was claimed that strong sexual behaviour is a six year old girl trying to kiss a boy and that an eight year old boy talks about pupper og rumper, this was a lie it was written by Linda Nygård who is one of our saks behandler.
Reistad should have met me on 2 occasions both occasions she did not meet up and I did not receive any cancelation information before the event ( but she won’t ring me so how can she cancel a meeting?)
Reistad said the reason she did not meet up was because she would only meet me together with the avd leader on the 29.07.15 (probably because of this website), We receive another text message where she said she did not meet up because she was called out on an emergency, one of these must be a lie?
In a conversation with the leader in Robanehagen Reistad wrote my daughter’s name down and the avd leaders name down, the avd did not give her name or my daughter’s name Reistad wrote her name down on an assumption and without permission the avdelings leder says this must be illegal, the ped leader herd the conversation and will confirm this. The conversation was about a parent who had been spreading rumours that **** had been beaten by me because she walked with a limp and looked like she was in pain (which she is she has severe leddgikk and is on cellgift) bhg new this, but the parent in question was more interested in rumours than reality.

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