Anette Kvalheim leder BVT Lillehammer

This is a letter Has been sent Anette Vibeke Kvalheim (leader the BVT Lillehammer) for her consideration reflection and scrutiny and to get feedback if there is anything she disagrees with.

No acknowledgement yet….


I do apologise for writing Kvalmheim instead of Kvalheim in some places, luckily a reader pointed this out to me, this was of course a Freudian slip shame you did not notice or I could have changed it before I posted it.

You see how easy it is to apologise Kvalheim you should try it.


Listen and or download Kvalheim conversation here.


Anette Vibeke Kvalheim                                                                                                          05.01.18




Dear Kvalheim I am now in my third year of exile as a result of the BVT attack on me and  my family and you will be pleased to hear I’m planning a publicity campaign for the Autumn of this year to commemorate the anniversary of this occasion.

I will be devoting a full page to you and our conversation recorded 09.09.15 on my website The audio file will be made public on the page marked Anette kvalheim and a copy of this letter will also be made available to read and download HERE.

The facts taken from our conversation bellow will be published so it is imperative that if you disagree, you please send me a copy of your concerns and hard evidence to back it up and I will then of course refrain from printing that particular fact (please refrain from using gossip and hear-say as we are in the real world, and not the world of the BVT).

All questions will be based on facts stated by you as a representative of Lillehammer kommune recorded 09.09.15 in Lillehammer and are not subject to debate. Please answer the questions plainly and try not to avoid them as you do in the recordings.


Please note failure to reply or lack of interest within 14 days will be considered that you agree with the statement where there is ambiguity or multiple alternatives then readers can draw their own conclusions.

Copies of this letter will be sent to the fylkesmann and police for their consideration.


At the meeting which is recorded:

Linda Loe Nygård  (never spoke)

Anette Vibeke Kvalheim (spoke 99%)

Magni Bakken Reistad (was interrupted by Kvalmheim all the time)

Me Father

(now ex-partner) Mother


And the usual 2 armed police who are always there.



Questions and statements for your consideration based on your verbal statements given 09.09.15

1 You stated that it was ok for my children to be driven away from school and barnehagen stripped naked and photographed on the basis of gossip girl kissing boy, saying pupper/rumpe and my x-having arthritis, with no information given to us the parents and no safe adult accompanying  our children.

A.The fylkesmann has stated that you did not have a mandate for the assault on my children so my questions to you is this were you lying when you said you could do this?

  1. Or were you ignorant of the law and where using force when there was no mandate.

Either way this is disgusting behaviour by you kvalheim.

2 Do you still maintain that my website should have been removed in 2015 when as a direct result of the information on my website, the BVT (Anette Kvalheim) was investigated twice, and the BVT were made to apologise for the kidnapping of my children (although never to me).

  1. Do you think it was wrong of the fylkesmann to investigate you because of my website?
  2. Were you using armed police to try to scare my children and me so that I would remove my website and stop the oncoming investigation into the BVT?
  3. In 2015, I complained to the fylkesmann about Lillehammer BVT attack on our children the fylkesman replied that the BVT had done nothing wrong and I never again could complain to them. I have recently received a letter from the fylkesmann, which states they reinvestigated you as a direct result of this website and found faults with the way you kidnapped our children does this not justify my website and show that it does not help writing the fylkesmann but only when evidence is published on social media?


  1. Kvalheim you sent out 2 armed police to my house together with Reistad and Nylund. They said to me when they arrived they always have armed police and they were checking how my children were, I recorded this conversation too, this is a lie it is your choice to use armed police not a rule.

Reistad asked 2 questions to my son none to my daughter, “what do you think of daddy’s website” and “does daddy get angry when we visit”.

  1. Do you still maintain that it reasonable to ask a small child what he thinks of daddy’s website?
  2. Do you still think it is appropriate to put words into a small child’s mouth by asking does daddy get angry?
  3. Do you still maintain that publicising BVT behaviour is still a form of child abuse and therefore you have every right to use any means possible to force me to close my website, don’t you realize that can only be seen as a way of scaring me into submission and taking away my fundamental right of free speech…

4 At the meeting you used most of your time to make a connection between my website being a form of child abuse and it was bad publicity for my children but a week before you had sent Nylund to my house to try and force me to remove my website it then transpired that Nylund had loads of photos and negative publicity around her and her child that Nylund had chosen to post on the internet herself, I had no pictures or names of my children while PR kåt Nylund had both.

  1. Do you think it is appropriate to send this person out to force me to remove my website?

5 In letter from the BVT it stated that the BVT had spoken to the police and the police would be removing my website, the letter also stated that recording conversations was illegal.

  1. Both of the above statements are lies.
  2. Do you think it is appropriate for employees of the BVT to lie to me to try to get me to remove my website?

6 You maintain that I am bad at communicating, even though I rang Reistad 40 times and texted her many times with no answer I arranged meetings twice where Reistad didn’t turn up and then she wrote text messages saying the meeting was cancelled after the meeting was supposed to start I also arranged this meeting too, all these text messages are available as proof on

My children were driven away and abused by the BVT, which has now apologised for this so if we recap my site was created after I found BVT, had abused my children and refused to talk to me to discuss why.

  1. Do you now agree with hindsight that I was correct in publicising the BVT grotesque practises and my sight has forced more democratic changes on the authoritarian and dark world, which is Lillehammer BVT?

7 You maintained (even though you weren’t there) that my children so enjoyed being driven away stripped naked and photographed that they sang under this process, when I met them they were shaken and crying and thought you were going to take them away from us and each other. Vidar Bakken told us nothing of what our children were subject to and then 30 seconds before we met our children again he said by the way we stripped your children naked and took pictures.

  1. Do you still think it is abnormal that when a child has been put through a traumatic experience and they then meet their trusted loving parents that they cry and want to give them a hug?
  2. Do you think it is pedagogically correct to inform parents of a traumatic event carried out against their children second before they meet?

8 Armed police were at every meeting when asked why you felt the need for this at our first meeting you said you didn’t like my tone of voice, at the second meeting (the one with this accompanying audio file you explain that you felt threatened, and it was because of the contents of my website) but you refused to give any examples of threatening behaviour or text, I understand this would be hard when I have recorded every single conversation with the BVT even from the start when your staff lied and told me it was illegal. At the last meeting (also recorded), there were no armed police you explained you did not feel the need, when I asked if my tone of voice changed today you burst out laughing.

  1. Can you give a real concrete example of threatening behaviour, as I have recordings of all meetings, which prove I never raised my voice or got aggressive in anyway?
  2. Do you think it is appropriate to burst out laughing in the middle of a conversation about armed police, and after all, you have ruined my life and my family’s life?
  3. You have clarified that the reason for the police visits was because of my website, so if I have this correctly you are now admitting that the police visits where to force me to remove my website, do you really think the BVT should use the police to force people to remove perfectly legal content only because they disagree with it?

9 You state that home visits could not take place this is a lie they did and I have video and audio proof.


10 I asked you to give an example of something, which was wrong on my website you refused.

  1. Can you please give a concrete example of something, which is wrong on my website?





Summing up:

You have admitted that the police presence was directly connected to the content of my website more especially the information given about your employees do you really think this is the type of work the BVT should be doing, using the police to take away a perfectly legal site because you do not want information coming out about the way you do business I quite frankly find this disgusting in your attempt to put a muzzle on me you have destroyed my family and forced me out of Norway this is unforgivable and monstrous and you call yourself BARNEVERN how ironic.

The fylkesmann refused my attempts to make them investigate Lillehammer BVT in 2015, but when I gave up and put all the information on this website they suddenly changed their minds, they then carried out 2 major investigation of the BVT as a result of this website this without doubt justifies this website and have forced your department Kvalheim to apologise (although nobody has ever contacted me or apologised to me).

I hope this has changed your mind about parents’ rights to have free speech and independently document what you do, if you don’t think the BVT actions will tolerate the light of day then there is clearly something wrong, the only reasons you Kvalheim and your staff felt uncomfortable in my presence was because you were lying to try and stop a future investigation.

I therefor recommend to anyone reading this that they make their children’s names anonymous and put their cases on the internet in a way of their choice because this is the only way to get the fylkesmann to investigate.

The BVT must learn they are not all powerfull and have some empathy and humility.


My recommendations to the BVT and Kvalheim.

I think the employees and more especially the leaders of Lillehammer BVT

Should go on the following courses:


1 A social skills course;

This should idealy be based around communication and aggression avoidance, learn to work with and not attack, if the people you are investigating don’t agree with you don’t try and force them to your point of view by intimidating them with police visits and arresting or scaring their children this will cause mistrust and a downward spiral remember the BVT are the so called professionals and should not behave like thugs. if you steam roller all opposition then it becomes one sided and a master and slave role, communication is a dialog not a monolog, you should work together for the best interests of the child and if you make mistake as in our case you should admit it and not use the police to try and stop your incompetence coming to the public domain the fylkesmann was forced to react by my website even though it was reluctantly.


2 Honesty course;

There are countless occasions of your employees lying and deceiving or manipulating the truth you also Kvalheim are guilty of lying when you said you could take my children away in the circumstances you did this has now proven to be a lie, when Resisted  under the interview lied and said she could not remember talking to my son only about the web site I offered to play back my conversation showing she was lying both you and Reistad can immediately be heard shouting NO so you are guilty of trying to further Reistads lies, I have you also on tape saying I cannot record conversations from our first meeting, you are also lying when you clearly state that home visits could not take place but they did, I have both video and audio files of Reistad and Nygård in the house my daughter tried to get away from them but Linda followed her to her room, under another visit Reistad delivered a letter which had a photo copy of the laws governing “tvang” which she regarded as proof they could take our children away without our knowledge. Lies and deception destroy the ability to work together.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

I wish you a very happy Easter

Best wishes Glenn Flintoff still in Exile in the UK after you destroyed my family.


Ps my ex-partner with whom you forced me to break up with has said she is scared to death that you may attack her and the children in an attempt to stop my activities and she wants it made clear that she is far to terrified of what you may do in a revenge attack to take part in my activities and wants it known that that this site has nothing to do with her, I agree this is the type of thing you may do as you have done it before and it is a risk confronting you about your actions.

But hopefully the thought of me posting your actions on this site will deter you from any revenge action.


The above letter kan be downloaded here.




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